Bring your ideas! Benz and Chang is always excited to get commissions. The commission process can be as simple as “Make me a 12 x 9 inch painting of a rabbit in a suit standing in a doorway. Go!” I have also done paintings where we start with a story or theme. Typically, we meet twice. The first time to go over ideas, and a second time to look at some sketches and rough compositions. If someone is posing for a painting, there will be a photo session either in my studio or another location. After that I will usually work on the painting and send regular progress photos. A painting can take anywhere from a few weeks to two months to complete.

Drop me a line at:

Commissioned paintings are a little more expensive than my paintings cost in galleries. Mostly because it is a little more work for me. Cost varies mostly depending on size and detail. I prefer payment in thirds as the painting progresses, with the final payment happening when the painting is delivered.

It should be mentioned that I love working with other artists. If you’re interested in collaborating with me, send me an email:

Examples of commissioned and collaboration paintings (click to enlarge):

Private Commission, 2016

Collaboration with photographer Kimberli Ransom, 2015