2017 Guardino Show

Thanks for visiting. Please see the interactive gallery, below, to view the pieces in the show. This show runs from May 25 through June 25, 2017. Purchase inquiries, please contact Guardino Gallery at (503) 281-9048
Guardino Gallery
2939 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211
Open Tues 11-5pm, Wed–Sat 11-6pm, Sun 11-4pm, Closed on Mon

Artist Statement

At first glance, the haunting paintings of Benz and Chang appear to be vintage sepia photographs. Upon closer examination, they reveal themselves to be walnut ink drawings rendered by hand on watercolor paper. The figurative paintings portray mysterious narratives that are largely left to the imagination of the viewer. An artist and collector of vintage photographs for decades, Benz wondered when his two interests would eventually meet, and was pleased when they finally did. The paintings utilize the image vocabulary of early 20th Century photographs, and reward a second or third look with details that can be easy to miss. The figures with crowns, wings, ghost limbs, lights and shadows are meditations on the topics of spirituality, shifting identity, and transformative experiences. The primary media for these works is walnut ink, although there are a few experimental watercolor paintings in this mix.